2019 Australia Wide Novice Pairs

This ABF-sponsored competition takes place annually in the week 25-31stMay. The Novice Pairs is restricted to players with fewer than 100 MPs.  Overall 700 tables competed in this competition i.e. 2800 players (http://www.australianbridge.com/2019AWNP_results.php?event=2019AWNP).  Every table played the same boards which had been randomly dealt (Brad Coles, Organiser, 2019).

At the Arana Contract Bridge Club (ACBC), the competition was held on Wednesday 29 May 2019.  At ACBC Dawn Benes was the organiser and director. After confirming with Brad Coles Dawn chose to limit players to those with fewer than 50 MPs because so many of our members have under 100 MPs.  The competition was very well attended at ACBC; with 13 tables i.e. 52 players enrolled.

Hearty congratulations to our winners on the day at ACBC.  East/West was won by Warren Tealby and Jeff Borg. North/South was won by Phil and Dawn Chappel.  Our players did well nationally with Warren and Jeff scoring 65.8%  and coming 23rdout of 1393 East/West pairs. Phil and Dawn scored 61.9% and came 60thout of 1393 North/South pairs.  We all share pride in our outstanding Novice winners.

Thank you to all who participated in this event for your enthusiasm and great Bridge Etiquette.

A very special thanks to Dawn Benes for organising and directing this event which she did with calm and grace.


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