A Bustling month at Gaythorne Bowls Club

Bowls Club Members on the shovels and wheel barrows on Day 2 of the working bee

November at Gaythorne Bowls Club has been a very active and enjoyable month for both club members and visitors. 

On Friday 13th, November, the clubs new caterer Q and Co. was introduced to everyone that came to the club’s Activity Night. Q and Co. will be open to the public for meals at the Gaythorne Bowls Club on Friday and Saturday evenings. Visit their website for further details including menu and pricing. 

The Activity Night was a hit with the community and was one of the most successful events the club has organised to date. As well as utilising the club’s kitchen, the caterer brought along his food truck and some friends with their food trucks – so there was lots of variety to choose from. This was also the first time Gaythorne Bowls Club had organised a public event with food trucks and live entertainment and was a good learning experience for the club and the public. 

Barefoot bowls was also on offer, but the public response, and in particular a school group (parent and child) outing, did not leave any room on the green for the barefoot bowls! However, that was not a problem and everyone had a good evening. 

Gaythorne Bowls Club is a fully functioning club for bowls utilising both its greens for bowls, and as such, it is very important that the surfaces and edgings, etc. are cared for in a respectful way. This then ensures that bowlers will have the best surface possible to play on and that more public Activity Nights can be organised in the future.

At the 1st working bee – volunteers tending to the Green

Two working bees were also held with club members over two days to rejuvenate Green No. 1. The first working bee was held on Sunday 8th, which involved scarifying the green surface to remove some grass, sand surfacing and then aerating the soil. The second working bee was held on Friday 13th November and involved a very early start to wheel barrow sand onto the Green. The sand was then spread and leveled over the Green. Both working bees were very physical days and all the works were undertaken voluntarily by club members, with most of them being in their upper years. This work seems to be getting more difficult each year for the club, but the effort undertaken by the members ensures that the Greens are looking their best for the coming 12 months for members and barefoot bowlers. At the end of the 2nd day’s session, the workers were treated to a terrific and well-earned breakfast. By mid-January, this Green will be fully restored and ready for more bowls games.

Gaythorne Bowls Club is a strong club that will be around in 2021 and well beyond. All members and volunteers at the club would like to wish everyone in the local community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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