A Connected Community

Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre (MPC) is a dedicated three-unit community kindergarten full of natural leafy spaces, a child responsive environment and great ideas. MPC has a long rich history of supporting families in the local community, responding to changing needs, adjusting and adapting structures and practices to meet those needs.

Parents often comment about the positive impact of wonderful teachers and educators, many of whom have committed a substantial part of their professional life to MPC. They create meaningful connections with children and families building MPC’s sense of history, community and belonging. They establish environments which foster children’s engagement, interactions, exploration, wonder, play and a strong connection with the natural world to build skills, dispositions and knowledge for children’s lifelong living and learning.

Listening and play are highly valued. Play provides insights into children’s interests, skills, beliefs, joys, what makes them laugh, their anxieties and frustrations, how they learn, their intentions, how they represent their ideas and what they think and feel.

Two and three day kindy programs for children in their year prior to entering Prep are offered. These children attend with the same children each day and the same highly qualified, experienced and innovative teaching teams with whom they build strong relationships. Additionally, we offer a unique two day program for three year olds.

MPC’s Before and After Kindy Care program (B&A Care) has been established to meet the needs of our community in providing extended hours of care. MPC’s Saturday morning Playgroup extends our service to support the broader community with another opportunity for families to connect in a stimulating, safe and friendly environment.

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