A Delightful Dictionary For Bowls

n 1986, a book titled ‘The Lawn Bowls Dictionary’ by Keith Dunstan was a book that became very popular and was reprinted the following three years. In today’s world, political correctness has changed lots of things that can be said and done. Keith Dunstan wrote a great book and I’d like to share some of it with readers this month. See below;

Age – What’s that? Bowls is a sport which caters for fourteen year olds as well as crafty characters in their nineties. Some come into the game when their speed and stamina begin to fail at lesser and more sweaty sports. But skill is not bound up with years. Bowls is a game for all seasons and your age is a bother only when you admit it to yourself.

Bankers – Spectators who are watching on the bank beside the green. Like sidewalk superintendents who gather on building sites, they believe they know more than the people doing the job.

Kitty – This is the jack. Or some even call it Kate. There’s deep confusion over its gender. Even so, it is a dear, sweet little creature whom bowlers have been trying to cuddle up to for many years.

Length – You might be short in height, short of money, short of breath, short of a gallop, short in pastry, far too short in your hem line, but if you haven’t got length in bowls you are nowhere.

Newspapers – Daily journals which give an absurd amount of space to infinitely less popular pastimes such as football, racing, cricket, golf, tennis……….

Wobble – The worst thing you can do is to deliver a bowl so that it has wobble. Wobble isn’t much good when you come through the door at 9pm either.

With the ongoing uncertainty of Covid-19 and lockdowns occurring with very short notice, disruption to bowls activities can be expected for some time yet. However, when there are no restrictions in place, consider coming to Gaythorne Bowls Club for a relaxing afternoon in the outdoors on the green playing barefoot bowls with your family and friends. Before coming, it is always best to phone and enquire if the club is open and a green is available for play. If you have a large group, it may be best to enquire by filling in the on-line booking form.

Gaythorne Bowls Club is located at 18 Prospect Road, Gaythorne (across Samford Road from Gaythorne RSL). For more information about the club, call 3855 2725, visit the club’s facebook page, or view the club’s website at www.gaythornebowlsclub.com.au

Caterer required for Gaythorne Bowls Club.

Is there a chef or caterer in the Gaythorne/Everton Park areas looking for a venue? The Gaythorne Bowls Club offers a fully approved and equipped catering kitchen, where a caterer  could start their next business venture or to expand their existing business.

Our previous caterer proved that people enjoy coming to Gaythorne Bowls Club as it is a place that is family orientated, offers good food at reasonable and affordable prices. The club is especially appealing to young families as the kids can enjoy their time either indoors or outdoors in a safe relaxing environment. Operating times are negotiable with the club’s management, and unfortunately, also dependent upon Covid-19 restrictions, when necessary. Phone 3855 2725 to make further enquiries.

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