A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

By Georgia Wright 

Sienna at her regular Ferny Grove Market Stall

It may not be Easter, and there may not be chocolate eggs hidden around your backyard, but thanks to 9-year-old Sienna Latta, there are beautifully painted rocks hidden in your neighbourhood! 

Coincidentally, it was during the Easter holidays that Sienna, a grade 4 student at St Andrews School, began to get in on the rock painting action at the Eumundi markets. As an all-time arts & crafts enthusiast, Sienna was blown away by how fun it was and immediately suggested that her family buy more rocks to paint at home. According to her mum, Suzi, Sienna’s enjoyment stems from how she can use the curved and jagged shapes of rocks to create her amazing art, unlike the flat surface of paper. 

From Sienna’s little passion project came a bigger and better idea—to hide rocks around the neighbourhood and bring joy to the community. This was all inspired by the Kindness Rock Project—a viral trend in which people paint rocks and leave them for others to come and along and find. When a lady from the North Brisbane Community Painted Rocks Facebook group offered Sienna some stickers for her rocks (pictured below), she jumped at the chance to use them on her rocks. Now locals can simply pop the sticker on the back of any painted rocks they might happen to find, and everyone is encouraged to post their discoveries on Facebook!


Look out for rocks boosting Sienna’s stickers

 Over the years, the concept of “filling people’s buckets”, both at school and at home, have been taught to young Sienna. From giving back to the community, to always endeavouring to bring cheer to those around them, the Latta family is founded upon generosity. Their participation in rock painting at the Ferny Grove markets has allowed them to share their care, while Sienna can socialise with likeminded peers. She especially enjoys helping the little kids with choosing their rock and then mixing their paint colours to create their personalised masterpieces.

You can find Sienna at her Ferny Grove market stall most Sundays, making her wonderful art for a gold coin donation. She also sells her pre-designed rocks for $2 or $3, as well as take-home DIY rock painting kits. Moreover, Sienna’s loves hosting her custom Rock Painting Parties and School Holiday workshops. 

You can contact these artsy legends on 0414 743 569 or find them on Facebook at ‘Bliss Rock Painting And Parties’.

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