A fresh new look for the museum

A monthly update from the Brisbane Tramway Museum

The museum is looking a little fresher since our timber buildings have been painted. At a guess, it was about 50 years ago that they were last painted.

We also have had the benefit of a visit by the ‘Men Of The Forest,’ a local volunteer organisation dedicated to propagating local species of plants. They have undertaken the somewhat daunting task of bringing our gardens up to scratch. The team are planting species that are native to our particular locale and will be busy periodically for the next few months.

Tram 341 was the last ‘Drop Centre’ tram to be taken out of service some 50 years ago, and it featured in our commemoration. Drop Centres are so-named because the middle section is one step lower than the cabins at either end. They were introduced in 1925, and over 130 were built over the next 13 years, most of them at Milton BCC tram workshops. The early versions had only manual brakes, but as they became the workhorses of the system, air brakes were fitted to later versions. They were the first trams to have a separate driver’s (motorman’s) cabin, although access was still possible through that area. They were able to carry 110 passengers all up. Tram 271 was the first of this class to be built and is still in the museum’s fleet, although not operational at present.

The museum is interested in recruiting more drivers. If you would like to learn to drive Trams by doing a six month course, please get in touch. To register your interest, and learn more about the course, please ring 3351 1776 and leave your name and contact phone number. Our training officer will get in touch and give you more details.

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