A Garden of Goodness

Are you a bit of a green thumb or want to learn more about the art of gardening? Did you know there is a is a growing, living enterprise called The Hills Organic Garden (HOG) right on our doorstep at Bunya?

The Hills Organic Garden was established around six years ago by a group of locals. Their goal was to provide an opportunity for all interested people in The Hills District to be able to come together to grow fresh food, learn, relax, and make new friends and boy did they reach that goal! Now the community consists of over 20 members and the garden is thriving thanks to their tender loving care. The garden boosts a vast array of fruit and vegetables, all grown without a single drop of chemical, making this garden truly organic. 

Some of the amazing garden beds at The Hills Organic Garden

The garden is situated beside the dog unleash park on 416 Bunya Road, Bunya (next to the dump). Water is supplied from the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the HOG community hold fundraising activities to raise funds in order to operate their garden. They have also received donations from Bunnings for garden materials and construction of their wicking beds.

This friendly group welcomes experienced gardeners or locals who simply like to see things grow from the ground up to join them. One of the great perks about joining HOG community is the reward of taking home fresh produce such as; lettuce carrots, cabbage, spinach, beetroot, bok-choy, peas, beans pumpkin, chillies, passionfruit, as a result of your labour.

Members from HOG can pop down to the garden whenever they have a some free time to do a bit of work. However, every Sunday from 8am-11am, the organisation holds ‘work days’ where they tidy up the gardens, tend to new plantings etc. Everyone is welcome, and if you’d like to bring the family down to have a look at the beautiful gardens on one of these working days, please do. The kids will love seeing all the fruits and vegetables growing and it is a great educational experience for them too! 

Just a few of the members from the HOG Community with their fresh produce

The community welcome new ideas for their future development as they continue to flourish. They currently meet every second month. If you would like more information or are interested in joining HOG, contact Chris Warner (President) on  0415 856 532 or John Nedwich (Treasurer) on  0407 582 980. Keep up to date with HOG‘s news on Facebook at The Hills Organic Garden, or visit their website www.hog.org.au 

An example of the fresh and abundant produce at HOG

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