A Haven of High-Quality Skincare 

Amisi is the Hills District’s very own miniature skincare empire. All products are handmade in Bunya, and are designed to be simple to use, effective and affordable. Healthy, glowing and naturally nourished skin is their guarantee!

Of course, there’s a method behind this magic. Small batches of products are derived from cold pressed plant oils, clay, oatmeal, floral waters, and extracts of fruits, herbs and flowers. Additionally, organic, Australian-grown aloe juice is used in the place of water as it is a more nutrient-rich ingredient for skin.

To incorporate the highest naturally known source of Vitamin C into the brand, Kakadu Plum was introduced. This extract is harvested wild by Indigenous communities, exclusively in the Kimberley’s, Northern Territory and Arnhem Land. Currently, it is included in the Sandalwood and Vanilla Moisture Cream.

This artisan brand sources the highest quality ingredients from local and international markets of ethical and sustainable suppliers. For instance, the award-winning Gardenia Body Balm uses Shea butter that is organic and a product of fair trade. Using traditional methods, a co-operation of women in Africa craft it by hand. Each sale enables them to support their families and communities.

For that heart-warming reason, show this skin care brand some love and visit  https://www.amisi.com.au

Stockist enquiries are welcome, contact Kerry on 0419 702 088 or email info@amisi.com.au for further information.

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