A Hike Through History and Nature

An update from the Samford Museum

Office and engine shed at Camp Mt quarry c.1921/22

An excursion train pulled into the platform of Camp Mountain railway siding on a warmish January morning in 1928. The group’s intention was to climb Camp Mountain.

At the back of the siding stood a huge crane with huge pieces of granite scattered at its base.  A trolly loaded with two large slabs of granite stood nearby on a sunken tramline covered with grass before it ran into the bush in the direction of the mountain.  A decaying narrow log bridge was crossed as the grade gradually increased. Around a curve, the home of Dr Marks came into view.  Smoke curled lazily from the chimney and cattle grazed in the paddocks presenting a portrait of peace and solitude.

Plodding a little further on, hikers encountered a patch of dark silent scrub resembling the depths of a South American forest. All around were vines, lantana and ferns while some tree trunks were covered with moss. Through the trees an iron roof was seen. This was the shed that housed the machinery used when Camp Mt quarry operated (1921-1923) supplying granite blocks for construction of the base of Brisbane City Hall. Other buildings were stumbled across.  Everything was just as it was the day the quarry closed.

Laying charges to split huge granite boulders

Heading on for the mountain summit, the climb grew steeper.  Seven or eight hundred feet of sheer ascent, then near the top hikers came across an old bullocky snigging track from the timber days. Finally, they reached the summit to take in views of mountain slopes covered with bananas, dairy farms and in the distance Samford township. So clear was the air the smoke from the funnel of a steamer entering Brisbane River could be seen drifting skywards.

More details about the Granite blocks and Camp Mt quarry can be found at Samford Museum. Contact Geoff  on 0417 610 983 or email info@samfordmuseum.com.au for more information

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