A Letter from The Principal

I am very proud to be the Principal of Everton Park State High School. The continued support for our school from our students, teachers, staff, parents / carers and members of the community has been a highlight for me. In 2019, Everton Park State High School has over 400 students enrolled in a dynamic, contemporary and futures oriented curriculum program. 

Our culture is based on Respect, Responsibility and Doing your Best and I thoroughly enjoy working with our engaged students and enthusiastic staff to provide educational experiences for all students to enjoy. We have high expectations for our students and a quality teaching staff ensures that quality teaching and learning is the basis of all classroom programs. 

In today’s world, it takes a village to raise a child and at our school and we value our positive partnerships with parents and carers and valuable connection to the community. Everton Park State High School takes pride in a school Where every student is known and staff work together in knowing students to ensure an appropriate educational pathway for each student to achieve success.

I look forward to working together with the school community to ensure our school remains the school of choice for all students in our area.

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