A lifetime of taming local tresses

Maree doing what she loves best!

Meet Maree Madders of Ferny Hills. She may be familiar to many local ladies out there who have called upon her services in order to tame their tresses over the years!

Maree has managed to notch up a massive 50 years in the hairdressing profession, with the majority of that time having been spent working in the local area. Maree started out her apprenticeship at the young age of 15 in Maryborough, before moving to Brisbane in 1974. Here, she started working in the Chermside area. By the mid 80‘s, she had begun leaving her mark on a salon on Patrick’s Road, Ferny Hills. Finally, a local salon in Arana Hills was lucky enough to become her workplace in the early 90’s. 

It wasn’t until 1998 that Maree ventured out with two colleagues and established a new salon called True Colours on Samford Road, Ferny Grove. 

For over 30 years now, Maree has savoured the sweet taste of being a true local in Ferny Hills, with her love for the area and its community brushing off on her work. 

So, you may be wondering, is retirement on the horizon for Maree? Of course not! 

‘I love the connection I have with the clientele,’ an enthusiastic Maree tells. ‘I get great enjoyment out of what I do, and it is extremely satisfying. I will keep going as I loathe to leave it.’A lifetime of taming local tresses

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