A little bit of knowledge goes a long way

Water is a precious commodity and the children from Willmore Kindergarten have been educating the community on how to not take it for granted.

Their journey began while watching a YouTube video of a choir singing ‘Africa by Toto’.  The children wanted to learn more about the choir, together with their teacher, Linda Meinicke, they researched and discovered they were from Cape Town in South Africa.

“This led them to ask questions about Cape Town, and during our research, we learnt about the drastic drought South Africa was experiencing. The situation so dire that if rain did not come, the whole city would run out of water.”

Linda led the children to learn more about what is a drought and what causes it and encouraged the children to think of ways they might be able to help.

They contacted a local kindergarten in Cape Town to see if there was anything they could do to help, even offering to send bottles of water over to them.

In the following months, Australia’s drought was declared, and the children became even more hands-on in their approach to saving water. They thought of ways to save water and created posters with tips to educate others. Even leaving hints and tips around the kindy for this year’s children to continue their water saving ways.

Linda explains the entire year was an empowering lesson for the children.

 “What they have learnt is that they can influence change, they can be the ones to teach their families and the community and their voice is just as powerful as adults.”

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