A New Local Pizza Place, Per Favore!

The friendly team at The Farm Shack are waiting for your call!

Ciao, fellow pizza fanatics. Please prepare your eyes—and your appetites! —for what you are about to read next. 

Much to the delight of our community, Ferny Fair Shopping Centre, Ferny Hills, has become the permanent casa (home) for local pizza royalty, Farmer Browns Pizzas. Their new home is aptly called ‘The Farm Shack’ and located where the previous store ‘Super Chicken’ used to sit. But do not fear—their treasured Food Truck continues to live on, despite currently operating just once a week on Fridays at Ferny Grove Aqua Park, 4pm – 8pm. They will be back to their usual Friday location, Keperra Picnic Grounds as soon as the Truck has undergone repairs. 

Whilst owner Warwick is still waiting for the store’s barn door—amongst other finishing touches—to arrive, The Farm Shack has already begun hand-rolling out their delicious range of 10.5-inch pizzas by the dozens. Whether you have a sweet tooth, adventurous tastebuds, or an eye for spice, The Farm Shack has got you covered. From family favourites such as Ham and Pineapple, Margherita, and Pepperoni, to fresh new tongue-tinglers like Pesto Pizza, Tandoori Chicken, and Nutella and Marshmallow, their menu is guaranteed to hit the right spot for all patrons. And that includes those with dietary requirements; every pizza has gluten free, lactose free, vegan cheese, and vegetarian options. Magnifico! 

Ever enthusiastic about his booming business, Warwick tells the Echo, ‘After five years of working out of the Food Truck, it was definitely time to find a permanent home. We didn’t want to go too far from the local area as we love the people here—and 5 years have managed to get us a bit of a following!’ 

In fact, ‘a bit of a following’ is a huge understatement. Warwick’s second brainchild, Farmer Brown’s Pizza—which serves a menu identical to that of The Farm Shack—has generated a huge community-wide hype, with 3000 loyal Facebook followers and glowing reviews sprinkling the page. Warwick and his pride-filled staff are renowned for their catering skills, their customer service, their personal interactions with patrons, and their ability to deliver molto bene meals to all. 

Open 4pm-8pm Tuesday to Sunday, The Farm Shack and its crew welcome The Hills District with open arms—and pizzas galore! So, come on down and let your tastebuds run wild. 

For all inquiries and/or to place an order at The Farm Shack, please call 0449 944 406. You can keep up to date with The Farm Shack on at www.facebook.com/TheFarmShack1/. For catering information visit www.fbpizzas.com.au

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