A One Stop Shop for all your Acreage Needs!

Trading since the early 1980’s, initially as a chook shed selling eggs and dressed poultry, Gleam O’Dawn has been servicing Samford and its surrounding areas with quality products, friendly service and free, impartial advice. Here is a run down on just a few services the store has to offer

Animal Feed

    In line with the business’s previous history, the store has an extensive  range of chook feed in both pelletised and grain mix forms from reputable suppliers such as Ridley Agriproducts, Riverina, Laucke, Jenco, and Country Heritage Organic. 

The equine market is also well catered for with a variety of feeds from Mitavite, Hygain, Prydes, Ridley Agriproducts, Riverina, Tesse, Stance, Energreen Nutrition, Coprice and C.E.N. Horse supplements, mineral mixes, veterinary equipment, treats, as well as three lines of hay and larger 4×4 round bales available. 

Also supplied is a broad range of companion animal dry feed from Purina, Coprice, Dogpro and Cobber. Other stock such as alpaca, goat, sheep, cattle and pigs are catered for from Gleam O’Dawn.


A major  feature of all acreage properties is a well constructed and maintained fenceline. Apart from the primary purpose of keeping  stock or pets in, a good fence also safeguards against wild dogs and dingoes, as well as providing a pleasing aesthetic feature. 

Fencing supplies such as treated hardwood and pine posts, hinge joint wires, plan wires farm mesh and bar gates, gate fittings and Gallagher electric fencing are on hand in store.

Garden Supplies

This longstanding store is also a supplier of herbicides and fungicides to keep acreage gardens and lawns pest and weed free. Spray units, both manual and 12v electric, are available to help reduce the maintenance workload. There is also a range of  fertilizers both chemical and certified organic, along with liquid foliar applications such as Seasol. Because of the size of acreage properties, gardens tend to be bigger too. For mulching the garden, Gleam O’Dawn has available very large (ie 300/400kg) bulk bales of sugar cane mulch, as well as the traditional smaller bales and plastic wrapped variabilities. Potting mixes to suit a broad range of applications are also in stock.

Water Supplies

For the majority of acreage homes, tank water supply is the only option, and Gleam O’Dawn as a preferred distributor for Rapid Plas can supply a range of water tanks from 500L to 32,000L. They can also supply water and feed troughs for stock, horses and companion animals, along with poly pipe and compression fittings to reticulate your water supply around the property.

Gas Supplies

Supplying vital utilities such as gas is another aspect of life that Gleam O’Dawn can take care of. They are an approved Elgas Distributor and stock large household 45kg cylinders, as well as smaller 18kg and 8.5kg BBQ Cylinders.

Next time you are in Samford, call in and say hi to Alan, Louise and the friendly team at Gleam O’Dawn. Just 2k up on Mount Glorious Road on the right. The store is open 7 days a week.  

Visit their website for more information.

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