A Physiotherapist can help!

The team from Keperra Physiotherapy are here to help!

Feeling unfit and out of form after the Christmas indulgence season?

A Physiotherapist can provide expert diagnosis of your injury and a tailored programme of treatment to get you back to your chosen sport in minimum time.

Keen to do some garden or some DIY jobs around the house but worried by back or neck pain? Physiotherapy hands-on treatment including joint mobilizations, massage, stretching and dry needling can help resolve your pain quickly. The addition of an exercise programme specific to your needs will see you heading safely back to your activities.

Injured yourself at work? Physiotherapists treat a whole variety of workplace injuries including muscle and joint strains, overuse conditions and traumatic injuries. The aim is to restore you to full function and return to work as soon as possible. Physiotherapists also offer advice on activities to avoid in order to hasten your recovery from injury as well as strategies to prevent recurrence.

At Keperra Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic the expert team of Physiotherapists can provide expert Hands-on Treatment for all sports, work and lifestyle needs. They provide a wide range of physiotherapy services including: treatment of sports injuries, back pain, neck pain and headaches, women’s health treatments and rehabilitation following surgery. Contact the friendly team at Keperra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic today on 3855 1367 or visit their website www.keperraphysio.com.au

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