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From the Samford Museum

Remembrance Day is a day to give thanks to, and reflect on, the service given to our country by service personnel in which ever conflict they have been called.   

The Samford Museum has numerous research materials and large displays featuring local service men and women.  For a quiet time of reflection, visit Samford’s Avenue of Honour in its idyllic setting. We have much to be thankful for. Lest we forget. 

The Avenue stretches along Mt Samson Rd from Burton Lane to the Samford Soccer grounds. The Avenue can be visited at any time and information provided by the museum is on permanent display there.

Personnel serving in World War 1

As the school year comes to a close, a review of pupils’ learning during the year takes place. For grandparents this often stirs memories of their own school days and learning.

A noticeable change is the titles given to some subjects. The Preface of a 1955 Queensland Social Studies text book includes, ‘The arrangement of material indicates a new approach to the subject.’ The teaching of Social Studies involves more than memorisation of facts from Civics, Geography and History.

A subtopic ‘Homes and Furniture’, which I’m sure today’s children learn about, is relevant to our districts where the timber industry is well documented.

People all over the world have been very clever in making use of the gifts of nature for their needs. For example, Australia’s first settlers found that the country provided some of the best forests in the world that contained Eucalyptus trees which provided hard strong timber for houses, buildings, wharves, bridges and more.  In addition, some forests also provided tall pines and cedars for homes and furniture.

For decades, the bush echoed the ring of axes and song of cross cuts saws as timber getters harvested these valuable resources, (information sourced from the book ‘Homes and Furniture’).

However, the axe and crosscut-saw have been replaced by less laborious modern machinery such as chainsaws, which has resulted in the skills needed to use the tools of the pioneering days have sadly almost been lost. 

Nonetheless, some of these skills have been recorded. Following a successful RADF grant, and commitment of a professional video photographer, a 30minute DVD was produced called ‘Tools on the Wall’ which features timber workers from throughout the Moreton Bay region.  Copies can be purchased from the Samford Museum.

For enquiries relating to the museum or for more information email  info@samfordmuseum.com.au, call Geoff on  0417 610 983 or visit the website samfordmuseum.com.au 

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