A Red Hot Lord Mayor’s Seniors Cabaret

Local entertainers Kristy and Rana from Hot Inspirations on stage at the Lord Mayor’s 2020 Seniors Cabaret

Congratulations to local entertainers, Hot Inspirations for being chosen from over 150 acts to open the 2020 Lord Mayor’s Seniors Cabaret.

After what has been a tumultuous year for the group – and the entertainment industry as a whole – the trio were thrilled to be chosen and had a wonderful time entertaining the seniors.

Hot Inspirations are a trio of lively, energetic, senior women who celebrate aging with attitude! Absolutely unique and refusing to become invisible, these women from Hot Inspirations look great and feel fabulous – they are the embodiment of joy, activity and adventure. 

For more information contact Rana Jewell on 0408 510 001 email hotinspirations3@gmail.com or visit the website www.hotinspirations.com.au

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