A Sensational Strawberry Haul

From The Hills Organic Garden Community

The months of Autumn, Winter and Spring provided us with an abundance of wonderful vegetables. 

Some of these included; cabbages, beans, broad beans, snow peas, baby spinach, radish, silverbeet, kale, tomatoes, carrots, leeks, lettuce, bok choy, potatoes and cauliflowers. Moreover, our strawberry garden didn’t let us down either as we had many feeds of strawberries over the cooler months. However, with the warmer months approaching, our planting has quietened down and our gardens will have a well earned rest.

We have been planting some tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce which will be great for our salads but most of our finished crops, which are dying back, will be chopped and placed in our compost bays to break down and create some fantastic compost for our gardens next Autumn.

The Hills Organic Garden is a great place for ‘green thumbs’ and lovers or organic vegetables to come and enjoy the company of like minded people as well as being able to grow, harvest and eat healthy vegetables.

Our garden is a community venture where volunteers work together to grow a chemical-free harvest which they can all share.

We are a friendly group of garden enthusiasts, so why not come along on a Sunday afternoon between 3pm and 5pm and have a chat. You will find us at 416 Bunya Road, Bunya next to the Off Leash Dog Park. Membership Fees per year are $15 for adults, $25 for family and $5 for Juniors. 

Visit hog.org.au, search ‘The Hills Organic Garden’ on Facebook or phone 0407 582 980 for information.  We look forward to meeting you.

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