A Trail Blazing Service to Our Community

Some heavy lifting from volunteers to restore the damaged trails in pouring rain at Bunyaville Conservation Park

Whether you are a mountain biker, an avid trail runner, or just enjoy a leisurely walk out in nature, I am sure many of you have experienced the beautiful trails our local forests have to offer. BUT, have you ever stopped for a minute and wondered who actually maintains the fabulous trail networks we have in our region. 

Well, may I introduce you to community group extraordinaire, The Northside Trail Care Alliance (NTCA) which is part of the North Brisbane Mountain Bike Club ‘Dirt Dogs’.The club formed the NTCA as a service to the wider community. 

The NTCA works in collaboration with the land manager Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) to maintain the MTB trail networks in Bunyaville and Samford Conservation parks and is done on a 100% volunteer basis. Funding comes from the Dirt Dogs Club and public donations for the day to day trail maintenance.  Furthermore, the club applies for grants to deliver larger projects such as the additional trails that have been built in Samford Conservation park in the last three years.

As you may have noticed, our local trails have received a huge pummeling in recent months with the torrential rains and flooding, resulting in massive amounts of manual work carried out by these volunteers to restore the trails to their former glory. As Ben Malatzky from NTCA explains, the club have been lucky enough to have had the ability to access the trails  to get on top  of the damage.

‘QPWS have been very effective in arranging for us to have access to audit and repair the trails after the weather event, many other trail networks have not been able to start volunteer work.  The community response to get these trails back up and running has been fantastic,’ said Ben.

’It is worth noting that this will have an economic return for the area, bringing a larger than normal number of  riders from all around to the local area as most other trail centers are closed. The network has had an above average visitation since reopening, likely to increase during the Easter school holiday period,’

So from the whole team at Echo News and the wider community, we would like to thank you NTCA for your extensive work and contribution to the beloved trails we are lucky enough to have in our region.

For more information about the NTCA, visit their Facebook page here

Volunteers hard at work restoring the trails
Volunteers hard at work restoring the trails

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