A trip down memory lane

A letter to the Editor from Alison (nee Fites) Muirhead

The neighbourhood ‘gang’, taken just prior to setting off for the biggest night of our year at the Kedron RSL Hall.

Remember the days when attendance at Fancy Dress Balls was more important than what was on that new-fangled telly?  

Here I am in 1959 with my partner, Sandra Young (left), as we prepared to do the Mexican Hat Dance with all the other Grade Sevens. Street friendships in those days involved playing ball games on the footpath and running around the  neighbourhood until Mum called you home for “tea”. The photo below is of a group of our neighbourhood gang that was taken just prior to setting off for the biggest night of our year at the Kedron RSL Hall. 

Alison Muirhead with Sandra Young

We had practised diligently the Pride of Erin and the Gypsy Tap (or Tipsy Jap as we called it in the days before political correctness –  but remember, these were post-war times) as well as the Grand March. The latter was an opportunity for all the costumes to be displayed at once until we were judged for the Best Dressed Girl, the Best Dressed Boy, etc. 

These are some of the many photos which will be on display at the 60th anniversary reunion for those students of Stafford State School in Brisbane who sat the all important Grade 8 Scholarship exam in 1960. Successful candidates gained free enrolment to secondary schools in Queensland the following year.

Our last reunion was held ten years ago, and because of the NBN’s arrival, many of the current email addresses I have from that occasion have changed and I am having difficulty contacting past students. Our diamond jubilee reunion will be held in Brisbane on the weekend of October 17/18, and it would be marvelous to gather as many of those students from the good old days as possible. I have not seen Sandra Young since my school days. Where is she now? I know where my Grade 8 teacher is, and I visit her on a regular basis, reminiscing about old times. Very few of my vintage have that privilege.

If you are a past student or would like more information about the reunion please contact me on grannyweatherwax1947@hotmail.com.

Best wishes, Alison (nee Fites) Muirhead.

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