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Welcome to Echo News - News made by locals for locals!

Echo News is a local media platform for the north west districts of Brisbane. Community is at the very heart of everything we do and it is our passion to deliver trusted content for locals to enjoy across our digital and print platforms.

Our print platforms consist of two community newspapers – ‘The Hills Echo’ and ‘The Everton Echo’ which produce a total of 28,000copies per month . Each publication celebrates the incredible people, places, businesses, clubs and organisations within their corresponding communities. As Echo News is proudly independently owned, our newspapers also reflect the views of the local community in an unbiased and non-political manner. What’s more, we just don‘t talk about being local, we are local, we live it everyday.


A bit about each of our newspapers:

The Hills Echo (the first of our newspapers to be produced) is proud to have a brand reputation that is 28 years strong. Commencing publication in 1992, The Hills Echo has grown with the community over the years and has amassed a huge following in the process. Due to this, locals trust our publications and the content we provide. The Hills Echo delivers 14,500copies/month and delivers to the areas of Everton Hills, Arana Hills, Ferny Hills, Ferny Grove, Upper Kedron Keperra, Grovely, Samford Village and Bunya.

Due to the success and popularity of The Hills Echo, in August 2020, The Everton Echo was born. Although in her infancy, The Everton Echo has already gained incredible praise and admiration within the local area. The Everton Echo also delivers 14,00copies/month and her distribution area includes the suburbs of Everton Park, Mitchelton, McDowall, Newmarket, Wilston, Stafford and Alderley.

Echo News also has the objective of aiding local business in reaching their target market in a cost effective and effective way. Local businesses can opt to advertise in one or both publications, at a discounted rate. With our print run stands at 14,500copies/month for each publication, our newspapers reach more people and are retained by more households in the immediate area than any other advertising medium. In addition, by advertising locally, there is no wasted circulation outside of your targeted area. In addition, we also offer advertising packages across our print and digital platforms.

Echo News is operated by a professional team, fully experienced in all aspects of publishing, sales and service. with the . Our policy is to provide the best possible service to our clients.

If you are part of a local community group or are a resident that has a story to share, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us by calling 0447 963 577 or email admin@echo-news.com.au


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