Add a splash of colour with Gerbera’s

A monthly update from the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club

Gerberas is the topic of the guest speaker, Pat Smith, at the meeting of the Mitchelton and Districts Gardem Club on 3rd October at the Enoggera Memorial Hall in Trundle Street.  Pat Smith is a member of the Ipswich Horticultural Society.  He has been growing gerberas for many years and has created new varieties through cross pollination.
If you want a comparatively low care colourful plant in your garden, a gerbera is the one to grow.  It is not prone to a lot of garden problems, is fairly waterwise and has a long life.  It is easily propagated through division of the crown or seeds.  Given the correct conditions gerberas will flower for many months through spring to winter.  They prefer a sheltered position with well drained sandy soil to which plenty of organic matter has been added.  For cut flowers, the gerbera is considered to be one of the best, but they need to be conditioned a day or two before going on display.   Pat will have lots more to tell and there will be plants for sale at the meeting.
It’s spring.  The soil is warm enough to plant evergreen shrubs and trees, and flower and vegetable seedlings, but we must be conscious of the fact that we are experiencing drought conditions and may not have enough water to sustain them.  Keep the garden well mulched to prevent evaporation, and recycle  the bath and laundry water for use on the garden.   September is the time to prune Hibiscus.  For established plants one third may be removed, and even more than that if the plants haven’t been pruned for a few years.  Hibiscus are gross feeders and will need a granular fertilizer each month right through until May.  Remember to apply the fertilizer to moist soil.
The meeting commences after morning tea which is served at 9.45 a.m.  Visitors and new members are most welcome.
The hall is close to public transport and accessible by wheel chair
For more information please phone Pat, the President, on 3356 1256.

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