Adopt! Don’t Shop! Pooch of the Month

IWaG welcomed the Lismore trio to the family in April which consists of one male hound, Teddy, and two female hounds, Lexi and Melanie. 

As many of our community knows and have experienced themselves, South East Queensland and the Northern Rivers of NSW were sadly heavily affected by flash flooding. During this time, all three hounds were displaced as a result of the rising floodwaters and aftermath. Both properties that the hounds came from have never been affected by such wild weather events and unfortunately this time both properties were hit hard. 

The three beautiful hounds – Lexi, Melanie and Teddy –  have all been settling into pet life and enjoying their new environments. 

Lexi and Melanie are currently in the same foster home enjoying each other’s company. While the girls are flourishing in their foster home, they are looking for their forever home.

Melanie is the adventurous little sister who likes to see how cheeky she can get. She loves bringing her foster mum’s crocs right to the middle of the living room because she is convinced that’s where they belong. 

Melanie loves snuggles and doesn’t know her size, so likes to squeeze her way through to sit next to her foster parents and rest her head on them. 

Lexi is the collected older sister who likes to just sit and watch while her taller foster sister counter-surfs or plays with toys but the girl lights up when the hose is turned on and would chase the water to her hearts’ content. She is also obsessed with belly rubs and would turn to her belly whenever anyone comes close to her asking for more!

Teddy is known for his beautiful eyes and captivating ears. This gentle giant is a calm and quiet boy who adores his cuddles from his foster family. Teddy and his foster family are enjoying their walks together and love to laugh every time he roaches and makes happy snorting noises. Don’t be fooled though, this clever boy is food driven and likes to remind his family when dinner time is. 

If you are interested in knowing more about these gorgeous speed noodles, send us an email at or give us a call on 0421 298 970 .

You can also find us on Facebook at

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