Ageing Gracefully – A therapist’s guide

It can be an overwhelming task sifting through the plethora of aesthetic treatments on offer. Laser, dermaplaning, chemical peels, eyelid surgery, threads, filler… The list goes on. How do you know what is the best type of treatment for you? Dermal Aesthetician Elizabeth Kiosses gives us the lowdown about the different treatments on the market.

So, what is your biggest skin concern? When you look in the mirror, ask yourself what are the two most obvious areas you would like to improve. It could be fine lines around the eyes and a sagging jawline. Do you see sun damage and areas of darker pigment? The most common comment I hear is, I don’t mind getting older, I just feel I look tired and my skin needs a refresh”. Once you can describe exactly what you would like to target. Then a simple consult with a skin professional can determine what treatments are best suited to you. 

    Our skin is our largest organ and the primary role is to offer protection from the environment. Over treating the skin with excessive scraping and peeling will lead to an impaired barrier. This means the skin can no longer offer protection and new conditions such as dermatitis, rosacea and allergic reactions can start to appear. Having a laser treatment then excessive sun exposure soon after can lead to a complication like hyperpigmentation where the skin produces larger patches of pigment. This is why a consultation with a skin professional is so very important. They will take into account your lifestyle including sun exposure, your desired outcome, current skin condition, medical history and current medications and even your budget. They will also advise on any downtime after treatment and the best preparatory serums to get the most out of your treatment. Assurance that the treatment is the safest and most effective for your individual skin. A successful treatment plan should have your friends commenting on how good you look and will lead you to feel confident in your own skin.

    Skin needling is one of the most common treatments to strengthen skin. Despite the name, it is a reasonably comfortable treatment that has minimal risks usually with only 24hrs of downtime. There are clinical studies that report positive outcomes for acne scarring, sun damage, lax skin, stretch marks and overall rejuvenation. It is important to note that there is little regulation with these types of treatments. The actual needling devices are regulated by TGA and each council is responsible for policing infection control laws. The technicians’ qualifications however are not regulated. A clinic that offers a package of treatments without a consultation should be a red flag. Aesthetic treatments are a fantastic way to repair the skin and boost your self-confidence. They are incredibly safe with minimal risk if done in qualified hands. Subtle dermal therapy treatments are an amazing tool to soften lines and restore skin strength. Ageing gracefully means that you look the best you can be with glowing skin.

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