Albany Creek History Lives on in Samford

An update from the Samford Museum

The Head Teachers’ residence from Albany Creek State School. The veranda has been added and the right hand side has been closed in.

In 1984, a well known landmark from within Albany Creek State School grounds was moved to Samford, the building being the Head Teachers’ residence.  

This residence became the home of Samford Districts Historical Museum Society’s Museum, which opened in May 1986. From these humble beginnings, this building is now surrounded by other buildings with historical links to Samford’s greater area that have been relocated from various locations.  Complimenting these new additions are purpose-built machinery sheds, a replica 1872 Samford Provisional School and a Blacksmiths Shop.  

The complex is operated fully by volunteer members that work tirelessly to preserve our local history. Volunteers wear many ‘hats’ and carry out a wide range of jobs,including restoring numerous pieces of long retired farm machinery.

In addition, volunteers have worked hard to convert the old Grovely railway station building into a war memories display.  During WW2, soldiers from Grovely Army Camp travelled via this station. Ferny Grove station now houses pictures of the former line that reached Dayboro. Fittingly, Samford Museum is actually located in a section of the old Samford Railway Station yards, now know as John Scott Park. 

Although divided by distance, Eatons Crossing Road is the artery connecting our districts. Within our research collection visitors will discover families from ‘Eatons Echo’ territory, linked to some Samford families, so please come down and visit us at the museum to have a look!

The museum is open on Sundays and Wednesdays from 10am to 4pm. Until December, the museum is also open on the 2nd Saturday of the month, from 9am to 2pm coinciding with Samford Markets.  

By prior arrangements, adult and school groups of more than 10 people are welcome on other days. A small admission is charged to help fund the ongoing costs of maintaining the museum buildings and collection.  

Over the decades, Samford Museum has been successful in receiving grants from Federal, State and Local Governments  in addition to earning support from businesses and Samford  Progress and Protection Association.

For more information call 3289 2743, President Geoff on   0417 610 983 or email Further details can also be found on www.samfordmuseum.

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