All Set For State

There has been much excitement in the air at Arana Ascot Hockey Club with three club members having been selected to play on state level for Queensland.

The three members selected and the teams they have been chosen for are as follows:

Kara Bradley (12years old): Queensland Under 13’s team and the Queensland Under 12’s School Girls team.

Lara Pyle (12 years old): Captain of the Queensland Under 12’s School Girls team. She has also been selected as a Shadow player for the Queensland Under 13’s team.

Georgia Harris (13 years old): Queensland Under 13’s team.

The talented girls were chosen for the teams after attending rigourous trials and were selected from numerous other contenders. All the girls have been playing Hockey from a young age and all their hard work and training has now paid off. 

The Australian School Girls tournament kicked off on the 19th August in Bendigo. The Queensland team are excited to report a win of 4-1 over New South Wales with Lara scoring a hat trick achieving 3 of the 4 goals won for Queensland. 

Team sports can bring so many benefits to children in terms of their development and social interactions. Upon asking the girls what they love most about the sport, they all expressed how passionate they were about hockey and how much fun this team sport is.

‘I just love playing Hockey and everything about it. Hockey is loads of fun and such a great way to make new friends,’ explains Lara.

If you are interested in getting involved in the game of Hockey or joining Arana Ascot Hockey Cub please contact  Maria Pyle on 0413 048 060 or visit

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