Amber Petterson from Bra Fittings by Amber

Have you ever felt like there is something missing from your life, like having confidence in the correct fitting lingerie?  

Not unlike many women, Amber Petterson was a typical lady who felt overwhelmed when bra shopping in department stores. 

The feeling of not knowing who to ask for help, and the inconvenience of time spent searching turned Amber toward becoming a ‘quick grab’ bra shopper in most circumstances.

Turn the clock back 13 years, and a friend suggested she have a bra fitting with an Intimo Bra consultant. That engaging and personal experience enabled Amber to commence her bra fitting business, which has now been operating for the past 12 years.

Amber provides a personal experience by placing herself in the shoes (or bodies) of every client she meets and enjoys the incredible fulfilment of being able to change a woman’s perspective about herself, just by wearing a well-fitting, supportive and comfortable bra.

Amber has a wonderful range of bras to offer

‘It’s more than just a bra’ Amber says. ‘When a woman looks in her wardrobe, what’s the first thing she generally sees?’ 

The impact that bad, ill-fitting underwear (or lingerie) can have on a woman creates many challenges. 

‘It makes you cranky when you’ve got to pull up the straps all the time or catch yourself in the mirror and see the extra bit out the top. Not to mention, the stress when you think you can’t be fitted or when nothing seems to fit correctly. The impact this has on a woman’s self esteem is quite incredible’ Amber says. ‘I’ve had clients who’ve walked in to have a fitting with me go from ‘there’s no way you can help’ to ‘I didn’t know I could look like that!’

We’ve all had those bad bra days and, without knowing it, there is a local bra hero right here in our community who can offer a professional personal service with experience and knowledge to assist. From Tweens to Seniors, Amber’s wide range will change the lives of women in our community.

Amber’s Bra Fitting studio is located in Ferny Hills and can offer an extensive size range with privacy assured for your personal fitting. Because underneath it all, women just want to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.

Call today on 0402 996 439 or email Amber on or head online to book your appointment here.


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