An update from Ritual HQ

Chantal and Tyler, the extremely proud owners of Ritual HQ

Hello North West Brisbane!

We are Chantal and Tyler, the extremely proud owners of Ritual HQ, located on Queens Rd in Everton Hills. 

We have now been a very proud part of the Hills community for three years, time flies when you’re having fun and helping humans. We have now welcomed a gym supervisor, Wendy, to our gym. Never have you met a happier or more energetic human with an amazing transformation story of her own to tell!

At Ritual HQ we believe in providing a variety of solutions, because one size certainly does not fit all. We know, through years of experience (over 100 years accumulative training experience in our coaching team!), that quality strength training coupled with a social solution like small group sessions PLUS nutrition education, is what will deliver results. Sustainable, long term results. 

So come and see us today and discover why people rave about our gym on all the community pages! You can contact Chantal directly at

See you soon,

Chantal and Tyler


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