Anzac Spirit at the Samford Museum

The Samford Museum is busy making preparations for their Anzac Day commemorations on the 25th April.  Admission to the museum will be free and the museum will be open from 9am to 4pm on the day.

The Queensland Great War Society will participate in the Anzac Day commemorations for the first time and will stage a display in the museum grounds. 

Along with local servicemen and women who served in all wars, the American servicemen will also be featured who trained from 1941-1943 in the districts surrounding their Camp Strathpine headquarters. 

To educate and keep the children entertained, there will also be Anzac focused children’s activities available on the day, too. If you are feeling peckish, take advantage of the freshly made damper drizzled with syrup served with Billy tea that will be on sale during the day, along with a sausage sizzle. 

As always, research enquiries for local service persons and local topics welcome.   

Open Day Fair

On Saturday 24th April, the committee at Cedar Creek Public Hall, Closeburn is holding an open day fair. If you have memories of events there or would like to discover this historical community hall built during the mid 1920’s and maintained by locals, please contact    The Samford Museum will also be staging a display from their collection.

Book Commemoration

Labour Day, Monday May 3 marks the 74th anniversary of the Camp Mt rail crash.  The Samford District Historical Museum Society announces the release of a new revised edition of the book, The Camp Mountain Railway Disaster 5th May 1947, by its member and local railway historian, Peter Burden. The original text was prepared by local historians Peter Burden and Graham Bailey for the 50th anniversary of the accident. Sadly, Graham passed away in 2006. 

For further information or to reserve your copy of the book, contact the President of Samford Museum, Geoff Harris on 0417 610 983 or by email –

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