Arana Netball returns to the court!

Janice Geary – ‘The Face of COVID’

Arana Netball are excited to be returning to the court in July. 

With restrictions easing, Downey Park Netball Association have announced a ‘9-Week Blast’ which will see many players return to netball.  Covid Safe Plans will mean training and games will look a bit different. While this will mean not all players are able to return to netball in 2020, the committee were overwhelmed with the number of Arana members who signed up for the 9-week Blast.  

This week, the club reached out to their members to get an understanding of whether it was possible for Arana Netball to enter the 9-week competition. Overnight, they were inundated with responses from members who were excited to get back on court.  Covid has changed ‘normal’ for most people and the committee are thrilled to be a part of a return to netball plan that allows their members to get a little bit of ‘normal’ back.  

Returning won’t be easy, but nothing good ever is. Arana Netball are up for the challenge and are privileged to have Janice Geary as their Covid Safety Officer. You may have seen Janice more now than through a normal netball season and she is fondly referred to as ‘The Face of Covid’.  She has appeared on the nightly news and regularly in social media articles – she even made it to the UK, in digital form anyway.  As Clinical Nurse Consultant Infection Control, Janice runs the Infection Management Service at The Prince Charles Hospital and is the subject matter expert for the hospital.  With 20 years experience in this area of specialty nursing, Janice is well placed to be managing and working on the control of COVID since late January. With Janice appointed as the covid safety officer, the club is confident that their plans and controls will allow their players a safe return to netball.  

With the level of expertise and enthusiasm the Arana Netball committee brings, there is no doubt that they are going to have an absolute blast returning to the court.

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