Arana Regraded and Ready to go!

The Downey Park Netball fixture season is now over half way through the fixture games.  After a break in games over the school holidays for the first half of July, fixtures then recommence on Saturday 20thJuly, continuing through to late August.  Finals then start on 24thAugust, leading to Grand Finals on 7thSeptember.

After the first full round of fixtures, re-grading of teams occurred where teams were either stronger than or not as strong as the other teams in the grade they were playing.  Four Arana Netball teams were directly affected by re-grading this year.  Arana 4 was moved from Intermediate 6 to Intermediate 7;  Arana 5 moved from Cadet 7 to Cadet 6; Arana 6 moved up from Cadet 9 to Cadet 8; and Arana 8 was also moved higher, from 12Yrs Div. 4 to 12Yrs Div. 3.

Points ladders will now change following re-grading; however, over the next few games positions on the ladder will start to consolidate.  Arana teams currently doing well in their respective competitions include Arana 1, Opens Div.6; Arana 7, 13Yrs Div.6; Arana 9, 12Yrs Div.7; and Arana 10, 11Yrs Div.7.  Until a couple more games are played it is not possible to ascertain how the re-graded teams will fare in their new competitions.

Arana Netball Club has been the recipient of a grant from the Moreton Bay Regional Council, for the purpose of preparing a Business Plan for the next few years, continuing on from the one that has been in place.  This will enable the club to plan where they are going, with future goals and strategies in place.

Arana Netball Club meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, at the Arana Sports meeting room located in the front area of the Hills District Community Centre, Dawson Parade, Arana Hills, commencing at 7.30pm.  Meetings are open for all to attend, and each team should be represented at these meetings during the playing season.  It has been pleasing to see new faces at recent meetings.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 15thJuly.  All parents and senior players are reminded that the A.G.M. will coincide with the August meeting, (Monday 19th) and as always new faces are needed to take on some of the committee roles for the next year.  Check on Committee positions and their roles if interested.

To find out more about Arana Netball Club see the web site at follow Arana Netball Club Inc. on Facebook.  Emails can be sent to, and the President can be contacted directly on 0404 132 007.

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