Are You OK? Support is Available Locally!

In times like these, we need to stick together and be there for each other. 

The Samford Health and Wellbeing Support Group, under the auspices of Samford Lions Club, is providing a way for this to happen. Lions Alice Cunningham and John Weisselberg have initiated a much needed local support group for those in our community having difficulty managing day-to-day life through suffering depression, anxiety, OCD, and a plethora of other long and short term mental health issues. 

The group aims to educate, support and provide information to sufferers, their families and carers. This is achieved  through the guidance of health professionals and health and community advocates during awareness days, social forums and opportunities to learn new skills and develop resilience. 

Although the wonderful group gatherings are postponed, there are many ways for folk to stay in contact. Reach for your phone to ring a friend, post on the group’s Facebook page, talk over the fence to your neighbour, paste lovely messages on lampposts as you walk your dog or even drop small hope parcels in friends’ mailboxes. 

Alice and John invite all of our community to be involved, sharing skills, stories, ideas, supporting those who need it. This will build a cohesive, caring, non-judgmental community. 

If you would like to be part of this powerful local community initiative, please contact Alice on 0408 772103 or John on 0490 094 127. Alternatively, you can visit their Facebook page at or website at 

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