Autumn In The Garden

This is a beautiful time of the year to be in the garden.  Swapping plants with fellow gardeners, helping neighbours and family, creating and adding a sense of value to our community.

The Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition is more than a competition, it is connecting like-minded people within our community. This can only serve to make it a nicer more secure and welcoming place to live when you have someone to say ‘Hi’ to at the local shops or when you walk past their front yard. 

Gardens can be a conversation starter, good for our mental and physical health, they can bring in beautiful native birds and provide us with a connection with the earth. It is a fantastic way for children and all to learn about the intricacies and wonders of nature.

Why not pop down for the official launch of the ‘2018 Hills District & Bunya Garden Competition’ plus ‘Plant Swap’ on Saturday 19th May from 10am to 12pm at the Arana Hills Library on Cobbity Crescent. 

This year entrants receive a 50th Anniversary participation plaque. Come along and be inspired to prepare your garden for entry into the 50th year of this competition. You can ask questions about plants and gardening tips. 

Follow the garden competition on Facebook or visit their website for further details. To get in touch email

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