Autumn is on it’s way – get the garden prepared!

from The Mitchelton & Districts Garden Club

While March officially indicates the beginning of Autumn we’ll probably experience some more humid weather at the beginning of the season.  It’s time to nourish the soil in garden beds with plenty of organic material and a good fertilizer so it will be ready for winter vegetables and spring annuals.  If you prefer to raise your own seedlings now is the time to sow the seeds in punnets of good seed raising mix made up of river sand, soil and vermiculite or other moisture retaining material, so they’ll be ready to plant in the garden from mid April. 

By germinating the seeds in punnets you can protect them from weather changes by moving them to a more sheltered position, but remember they’ll still need plenty of light. 

Have you noticed the bee population has diminished? They are essential in a garden, so plant colourful flowers, especially blues and lavenders to attract them.  Spring annuals to consider are pansies, larkspurs, stocks, neurumbergia, calendulas, marigold, lineria and snapdragon. Winter vegetables could include beetroot, carrots, cauliflower, turnips, shallots, lettuce and zuchinni.  If you have the space, plant some pumpkin and cucumber seeds.  Strawberry plant runners should be ready to transplant.  Cut them from the parent plant and grow them in a rich well drained soil in an open position. The parent plant should be discarded as it won’t produce anything of good quality any more.  February rain has been a blessing so be sure to keep the garden well mulched to conserve the moisture.

To confuse garden pests, why not plant herbs, flowering annuals and vegetables in the one plot. Try it as an experiment and see if it makes a difference.

The club meets at the Enoggera Memorial Hall in Trundle Street, Enoggera, on the first Thursday of the calendar month after morning tea which is served at 9.45 a.m. Visitors and new members are most welcome. The hall is close to public transport and accessible by wheelchair.

For more information, please phone Pat, the president, on 3356 1256. 

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