Be Prepared for Summer

With Christmas fast approaching and the severe weather season upon us, now is the perfect time to get your properties ready for summer. Here, Kirst from Mini Digs Landscapes takes us through some simple tips to get your garden summer ready

With the severe weather season now upon us, ensuring your home and garden is in the best shape it can be at this time of year is imperative. A well maintained garden, along with looking out for any damage on your home as a result of age or a previous incident will help to keep everything safe , secure and in tact this summer. Here are a few ideas  and tips to get ready for summer around your home this year.

Get Ready…

    State of Queensland recently launched the Get Ready Queensland campaign, which is a time for your household to prepare for the upcoming severe weather season. As a timely reminder to all our community and particularly to new residents in our beautiful region who will experience their first Queensland summer, it is easy to be prepared in just three steps. 

Step 1: Know your risk

Step 2: Make an emergency plan

Step 3: Pack an emergency kit

Visit for detailed information on each of these steps and much more.

Kirst and John from Mini Digs Landscapes

Get your gardens in order…

   Whether you are preparing for the upcoming severe weather season, or it’s your turn to host Christmas, you will want to get your outdoor living spaces and gardens in order. 

    Firstly, assess your area to identify any risks or if anything needs attention. Do you have rubbish to remove, trees or overhanging branches to be trimmed that are close to your home, or a fence or retaining wall that is about to collapse? How about finally having that fire pit installed that’s been sitting there a while that you haven’t had time to do? Maybe your gardens need a summer spruce up? You can do this by pruning your shrubs, fertilising your plants and spreading fresh mulch. If you’ve had trees or branches cut, remember to check any plants underneath to see if they can tolerate the new amount of sunlight. 

    Decide if you are going to try your hand at some DIY or seek help from a local licenced professional. Our community has many great Arborists/Tree specialists, Landscapers and Designers for you to seek help from. 

Keep your grass short…

    With the weather continuing to heat up, snakes are on the move. Given that we live on acreage and our properties tend to be surrounded by bushland, it is inevitable that we will cross paths. Turn to page 16 to discover some simple actions that our local snake catcher suggests to help reduce the likelihood of one venturing into your home.   

For more information and advice, contact Mini Digs Landscpes on 0428 786 248 or visit their website

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