Blade’s Adventure

Welcome to the third column from our new segment “Young Reporters take the Reins” This month, we showcase budding writer Zoe D. from Year 6 at St Williams who has written a great story about ‘Blade’s Adventure’.

Zoe D. – Year 6

Blade was an ordinary boy who lived an ordinary life. He had an ordinary sister, Annabelle, and they lived with their ordinary mother. This family had the same plans every day because of their very ordinary life. One of the things they did each day was go down to the lake by their house. Blade really enjoyed this because when he went there, he always felt like adventure was waiting for him, he just had to find it. 

One day on their schedule, Blade, Anabelle and their mum were at the lake. Blade was bored waiting for adventure. Suddenly, he saw something shining in the water. It was a bottle with a map inside. Blade wanted to grab the bottle, but his mum said they were going home. Blade begged to stay, but his mother refused. 

When Blade got home, he told Anabelle about the map. Together they made a deal that when they were at the lake tomorrow, they would find the map and start to follow it. But the next day it was raining, so they could not go down to the lake. The two children sat at the window watching the rain and Blade fell asleep. 

When Blade woke up, he was at the lake with Annabelle. They had the map and were following it when suddenly before them was a boat. The children made the decision use the boat to keep following the map. They came to what seemed to be a hole in the water. The map was leading them into it. Before they both knew it, the boat was travelling down, very fast, into a swirling hole in the lake, it was almost like a water slide. For a second Blade thought, ‘this is not possible right?….. and then CRASH! They landed on a hard wood surface but with no boat in sight. Blade realised that he was underground and that there was a whole city down there. He heard Annabelle calling out his name but could not see her. He looked around and heard a loud BANG!

Blade woke up at the window and it was raining outside. He was confused and asked Annabelle how they got home but she said, “What boat? What city?” Blade sadly realised it was all a dream. Now, every day he sits at the edge of the lake and waits for a real adventure.

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