Bloomin’ Beautiful Local Winning Gardens

Grand champion winners Kaye and Norm Williams.

Wow! What a year for the 50th Hills District & Bunya Garden Competition.  

In past years, possibly due to difficult seasonal conditions, the competition has had a very low level of entries. However, thanks to the wonderful gardeners who put in a huge effort in 2018, there has been a massive 36 entries this year. This is a record number for the competition in the past 15 years. Some entrants were the ‘old and bold’ who had stopped entering the competition but supported the committee for their 50th year and 14 new gardeners who also got behind the 50th celebrations.

The increased number of entries did cause a bit of panic and meant the wonderful volunteer judges had to work an extra day to get through all the gardens. In addition, the amazing standard of entries made it very difficult for  judges Noel & Heather Prior to decide on the final winners.  

50 Years of garden competition has seen many different sights. The committee has tried novelty letterboxes, bus tours, good neighbour gardens, tidy streets and even had schools, churches and commercial premises in the competition. In 1995 Bunya became part of this competition bringing acreage properties into the judging. Drought conditions saw the introduction of waterwise gardens in 2001 and it is still strongly involved in the competition.

A huge thanks from the committee must go to all the entrants over the years who have kept this competition alive and well in The Hills District & Bunya.  The support of the wonderful sponsors has made entering all the sweeter for these gardeners who have taken away thousands of dollars in prizes over the years.

Visit the Ferny Hills Progress Association’s website  for more information or follow them on Facebook


Grand Champion: 

Kaye and Norm Williams, 7 Aralia St, Arana Hills

President’s Trophy: 

Odette McAuliffe, 3 Woodrose Court, Ferny Hills

Waterwise Gardens

1st: Tim & Amanda Steer, 39 Reginald Ave, Arana Hills  

2nd: Leesa & Brendon O‘Dempsey, 7 Lorikeet Crt, Arana Hills

3rd: Kathi Hildebrand, 47 Barber Rd, Ferny Hills

Acreage Gardens

1st: Trevor & Vicki Oliver, 17 Pinecone Crt, Bunya  

2nd: Roslyn Emery, 47 Carson Dr, Bunya

3rd: Alan & lisa O‘Shea, 28 Bergin Creek Rd, Bunya

Residential Gardens

1st: Kaye and Norm Williams, 7 Aralia St, Arana Hills  

2nd: George & Marie Ellis, 3 Caramont Crt, Ferny Hills 

3rd: Diane Tinmouth, 24 Narellan St, Arana Hills

Backyard Gardens

1st: Odette McAuliffe, 3 Woodrose Court, Ferny Hills  

2nd: Christine Bullimore, 12 Bargo St, Arana Hills

3rd: Sue & Terry Quirk, 37 Hibiscus St, Everton Hills

Front Yard Gardens

1st: Robert & Jean Evans, 14 Conlo Crt, Ferny Hills  2nd: Gordon & Susanne Colquhoun, 15 Illuta Ave, Ferny Hills 

3rd George & Marie Ellis, 3 Caramont Crt, Ferny Hills

New Entry Gardens

1st: Brian Battersby, 14 Leawarra Cres, Ferny Hills  

2nd: Heidi Wilson & Andrew Angus, 3 Dunbil Ave, Ferny Hills  

3rd: Ingrid Moyle, 4 Ironwood Crt, Arana Hills

Edible Garden

1st: Audrey Chilcott,58 Yanderra Ave, Arana Hills

2nd: Annie Webster,8 Onslo Street, Arana Hills

3rd: Kylie Stapleton,16 Cobbity Cres, Arana Hills

Meritorious Garden: 

• Veronica Hossinger, 22 Violet St, Everton Hills

• Jennifer Horton, 74 Hillenvale Ave, Arana Hills

• Tim Brinums, 11-17 Bowers Rd Sth, Everton Hills

• Carolyn & Graham Best, 37 Illuta Ave, Ferny Hills

• Ross & Robyn Ellerman, 13 Nurom Ave, Ferny Hills

• Gillian Lynette O‘Brian, 11 Cestrum St, Arana Hills

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