Bocce as a spectacular school sport

A segment of a game of bocce of doubles

Bocce was introduced into Australia by migrants in the early 1900’s. It has since developed from a recreational game to a fully-fledged competitive sport. As early as 1970, the game was being played on a national level and, as early as 1972, Australia became part of the world stage of bocce. 

Victoria hosted the first World championships in 1972, organised by Bocce Australia. The photo below shows a game of bocce in progress, the Newmarket Bocce club is in the blue polo and the Redlands Bocce club is in white with the sponsor as a spectator.

The righthand photo depicts a segment of a game of bocce of doubles. It shows how professional the players are when it comes to bowling. Four players, three bocce balls each. It’s spectacular, accurate bowling,  but bocce Vuolo also encompasses throwing (this is when you throw the ball in the air to eliminate an opponent’s ball). This changes the game tactics, where the opponent would possibly open up the game of play and this would certainly be appealing to the younger generation.

A game of bocce in progress

So this brings me to Bocce as a school sport. Bocce needs an injection of young guns. The only equipment required by players is bocce balls and a jack (kitty). The actual bocce ball can differ from metal to composite. At our club we play Vuolo and use steel bocce balls. Bocce can be well suited to school children because equipment is inexpensive and both sexes can participate. There would be some children that may not be able to play some of the vigorous and demanding school sports, however bocce may be suitable. There may be four to six children that may wish to seriously take up the sport and the club has a qualified coach. The Newmarket Bocce clubs courts can be utilised on the schools sporting day. The physical aspects of the game are challenging, demanding technique, stamina and skill. 

Gamesmanship is also required to apply an appropriate tactical plan. Bocce provides for the development of basic skills and co-ordination, along with systematic growth and mental development through coaching programs. 

If you want to know anything about bocce please contact Mario 0403 257 325 or Bill 0431 458 481

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