Bocce Taking Things up a Notch-ee!!

By Mario De Marco, Secretary Newmarket Bocce club.

Members from the The Newmarket Bocce Club with their trophy

Welcome to my world of Bocce.

 Keeping some sporting clubs active and growing these days can be a difficult task, so you do need to put some effort into it and have a committed group of people to run the club, as the Newmarket Bocce Club has. I thought I would give my take on an inspirational few words. To all you sporting clubs out there, keep up the good work in the community and never lose faith of what you can achieve.

Now this brings me to bocce clubs situated in South East Queensland. Yes, there were a quite a few around once upon a time. However, there are still bocce clubs here if you wish to have a go. The Italo-Australian Centre at the Gold Coast is one such club. They have bocce courts but have not participated for some years now, so I was excited to receive a call from their President asking if we would partake in a social bocce competition, which of course we agreed to with delight!

The club competition took place on the 7th March at Newmarket. Both teams played in four games and wore their club colours. Following the games, we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch and a presentation of a club trophy.

Newmarket won 8.5 games to their .5 game (one game tie). Credit to all for their sportsmanship and everyone had a fantastic time. Hopefully this is a sign of great games to come.

If you want a go at bocce, pick up the phone and call me on 0403 257 325 or Bill on 0431 458 481.

Yours in Bocce.


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