Book Week Inspires Young Creatives

As part of Book Week celebrations at St William’s Catholic Primary School, the children were encouraged to write a short story with one winner selected from each age group. 

Here at The Hills Echo, we are delighted to share these wonderful stories with our readers! Two of the winners, Matthew H from Year 2 and Isabel P from Year 4 are showcased below. Stay tuned for another two stories from winning students next month.

Matthew H.

The Little Viking Story

 by Matthew H, Year 2

A million years ago there lived a magical viking named Loki, the magical wizard.  He loved spells and magic. He was incredible at performing magic in front of vikings.   He was the leader of all the vikings and they lived in viking lands.  He was 599 years old!

One stormy night Loki dreamed about having a big feast with his crew. It was so amazing. When he woke up, he thought it was real, but it wasn’t. So, he decided to leave the viking lands where everyone knew they were so happy.  But then a little viking asked, ‘Where are we going?’

Then Loki said, ‘We are going to China!’ 

So, they built a long ship. They sailed across the sea until they came across the Cracken. They wanted to fight it but there were 10 Crackens so the crew went under the boat.  They were safe.  They planned a good plan.  ‘So, one Viking for each Cracken and the rest of us turn the boat, okay?’  The plan worked. They kept sail across the sea.  

When they arrived at China, they walked and walked until they reached a village. They declared a battle and they won.  They had a feast to celebrate, and they had a good village.  Loki’s dream was real.

Isabel P, Year 4

The Lonely Tree

By Isabel P, Year 4

Once there was a tree, not just any tree, it was a lonely tree.  In fact, he was the only tree in the whole park.  The tree would usually sing songs so that he wouldn’t get bored.  

It was summer and this is when the tree feels very lonely.  No people would ever sit or play under him; no birds would ever build nests in him.  It’s like he was almost….. INVISIBLE! 

Days went by and still no one would sit under the lonely tree.  He could see some trees in the distance with plenty of people under them. The people were playing and sitting to talk and having picnics.  Everyone was having lots of fun; everyone except the lonely tree. Oh, the tree wished he could join the fun.  He gave plenty of shade; more shade than any of the other trees in the town. So why would no one notice him? Why would no one play with him?

It started to get late, so more and more people left and the animals went to their homes. All the animals, people and trees went to sleep.  The lonely tree was woken by someone whistling. The gardener was watering all the trees. As he watered the lonely tree, the tree thought, “At least someone notices me. Every morning the gardener would come by to water all the plants and make sure everything is their natural colours.

The next day the lonely tree noticed something very odd.  There were little things growing around him.  He had no idea what they were.  Then he started thinking… ‘Ohhhh I’m going to have some new friends. I can’t wait!’ 

The lonely tree kept thinking things like “Maybe I won’t be so lonely anymore”.  

The tree got all excited but then he remembered something.  It can take a while for something to grow.  ‘Oh well I’ll just have to wait a bit,’ he thought.  

The next day the tree kept thinking about the little things growing in the ground. ‘What are they?’, he wondered, and “Why are they growing here?”.  

The tree had so many thoughts that his head started to hurt.  ‘Hmmm’, he thought. ‘Maybe I just need a nap.’  The tree took a nap but there were noises around him. He didn’t open his eyes though. When he woke up, he was overjoyed!  There were people playing with him.  

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