Boost Self-Confidence with Art

As kids manipulate a paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve. … When children experiment with materials, they dabble in science. Most important perhaps, when kids feel good while they are creating, art helps boost self-confidence.

For almost 10 years we have been delivering a top-quality art experience across Brisbane that is fun, engaging and educational. We are very pleased to now have a beautiful new studio in Arana Hills from which to work.

LC art studio offers all types of art for children aged 5 years to 12 years. Painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and mixed media are some of the areas we work with.  We are passionate about providing a fun and educational experience where all children feel comfortable to express themselves without judgement.

​LC Art Studio uses a unique and proven method for engaging children and their imaginations. We believe that it is important to expose them to a variety of media so that they push their boundaries and learn to experiment in a safe and fun environment.

Our classes are created to be fun. We offer child-friendly and relevant subject matter to spark children’s interest and increase knowledge retention, never losing sight that children learn best when they are engaged and entertained.

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