Bowling at Samford can bring so many benefits!

The Samford Bowls Club in all its glory

Have you ever thought of starting the wonderful game of Bowls, but had no clue where to start? 

Bowling can provide many health benefits which include; improved fitness, coordination and skill development along with improved mental wellbeing and, of course, there is the social benefit of feeling part of a community. Here we have ‘A Beginner’s Tale’ from local Maria about her journey into the game with the Samford District Bowls Club. 

I had been thinking of commencing Bowls for some time. My husband happened to be out shopping earlier this year when he met our neighbours, Pam and Chris. He mentioned to them that I was interested in starting bowls. That evening I was contacted by the Club Coach, Janice Ridley. I later met with her for an introductory session. Three weeks later COVID arrived and unfortunately my sessions had to stop.

Three months later I was again contacted by the club about recommencing my coaching sessions, along with two other bowlers, Helen and Barry. I have since joined the club, continued with coaching and obtained my uniform and bowls. I cannot believe how enjoyable the social mornings at Samford are, bowling out in the fresh air with good company. I remember feeling nervous before and during my first game. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging. I enjoy the fellowship of the members whose patience and encouragement has been greatly appreciated. One day I hope that I may be able to offer the same encouragement to other new members as has been shown to me by members of the Samford Bowls Club. 


During the month of November, the Samford District Bowls Club is holding free ‘Come and Try’ sessions so this is a perfect opportunity to give the game a go! Sessions will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday in November, along with another session taking place on Sunday 22nd November from 1pm – 4pm. 

The Samford District Bowls Club is a friendly club, welcoming all members and visitors and is ideally located in the beautiful Samford Valley, only a 15 minute drive from Ferny Grove. The club has synthetic greens with retractable shades, which make playing in the Queensland summer much more enjoyable. In addition, the clubhouse is air conditioned with a light and airy atmosphere. 

Unlike many other bowls clubs, ladies and men are combined into one club and all social days are a mix of both sexes. Every player wishing to play will be selected to play.

The Samford Bowls Club is also proud to say that its members run the club doing all but a few tasks on a voluntary basis.

For enquiries, please contact 0407 875 596

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