Bringing JOY to the community

We have all heard that regular exercise has many benefits.   

It can assist in preventing many age-related changes to muscles, bones and joints. Exercise can even help in reversing changes that may have already occurred, such as increasing bone density.

With this in mind, local business owner Miranda Pardon of Enhance PT has launched a new exercise class called ‘JOY’ – a low to moderate class for ‘Just Older Youth.’  

The JOY class is designed specifically for people who are 55 and above and focuses on increasing balance, strength and flexibility as well as improving general fitness levels. 

Miranda is extremely passionate about keeping the older population moving freely, living stronger and living independently for as long as possible.

“I’ve always had a lot of older friends in my life, which is one of the main reasons I became a personal trainer,” explained Miranda.

“The beauty of the JOY class is that it is a safe, social and fun exercise class. Plus, you won’t find yourself having to do burpees or drop to the ground and carry out 50 push ups here!”

However, did you know that there are equally important social benefits that exercise can bring to your life, as Miranda has discovered. Since starting the JOY classes, she has noticed that, not only are the classes extremely popular, but they have had a positive social affect on many of her clients.

“Some of our clients have reconnected with friends they haven’t seen for a decade, whilst others have formed new friendships and bonds. We seem to have formed a ‘community’ within the community, where we all check on one another. For example, if someone is missing from class we will text or phone to check if they are okay or need help,” said Miranda.   

So if you’re looking for a safe and enjoyable exercise class surrounded by supportive and friendly locals, why not head along and join the JOY? It is never to late to start your fitness journey and people of all fitness levels are welcomed.

JOY classes run every Wednesday at the All Saints Church Hall, 86 Cobbity Crescent Arana Hills (across the road from the Arana Hills Library).  They are only $8 per class. For further details visit: or call Miranda on 0434 401 750.

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