Bringing the Community Together – One Street at a Time

“Isolation, Not Abandonment”  This saying has manifested into the core ethos of a new movement that has arrived on our doorstep called ‘To the Streets’. This community initiative has taken our region by storm and is the brainchild of The Hills Collective – a group of individuals that collaborate in order to enrich the Hills District and beyond.

‘To the Streets’ has been created in direct response to the COVID 19 crisis. It aims to unite our community in the face of adversity and demonstrate support on a street level. With the current social distancing and self-isolation measures locked in place, this may help combat feelings of solitude or abandonment within our neighbourhood.

The movement enables neighbours to connect and look out for each other during these tough times by encouraging communication through an online medium in the form of a private street Facebook group. From there, neighbours can easily communicate with each other. Perhaps this could involve offering practical help to others, including helping to tidy gardens, taking out the bins or picking up medicine/groceries. Perhaps it may only be simple praises to encourage each other to soldier on during this pandemic. Either way, the platform is especially helpful to the vulnerable members of our society, such as the elderly.

By signing your street up, you receive a ‘Starter Pack’ that consists of advice on how to safely create a private Facebook Group for your street, along with flyers (shown on the right) that can be deposited into letterboxes on your street, inviting your neighbours to the group and offering your contact details. In addition, a bucket of chalk is included to get the kids off to a flying start by bringing colour to the neighbourhood in the form of chalk artworks on pavements and driveways!

Already, this movement has spread its wings across the Hills District and Surrounds lightning fast. So fast, that by the time we went to press, a mammoth 60 streets had registered!

If you are looking to ignite a spark of hope and support within our local community, sign your street up now at
You can also follow the movement on social media via (Facebook) or (Instagram)

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