Brookside’s Sweet Secret

Brook News Nextra Newsagent, Mr Stephen Bird with his harvest of honey from the hives.

Brookside Shopping Centre’s rooftop is a-buzz with excitement with the harvest of the first pot of honey from its resident bee hives taking place last month.

With bees playing a critical role in preserving ecological balance, along with acting as an integral part of the wider ecosystem, the team at Brookside were keen to introduce the bee hives to the area. Through pollination, bees have an impact of many parts of the environment, but particularly on the growth of crops, flowers, and plants. Not only is it helping to strengthen the bee population, but is assisting to pollinate suburban gardens around the shopping centre’s trade area.

The beehives are managed by the centre’s very own Brook News Nextra Newsagent, Mr Stephen Bird. Brookside’s Centre Manager, Mr Shaw said that with Stephen’s support and guidance, they were able to proceed with the environmental initiative with confidence.

‘The hives were installed earlier last year and produced their first crop of honey last month. The rooftop was the chosen location for the bees to call home, as it is otherwise unused, and ensures there is no risk to customers,’ Mr Shaw said.

Mr Shaw continued on to reveal that Brookside wanted to contribute to the wonderful green spaces that surround the shopping centre, and that the bees will play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and keeping the area in bloom.

With local customers keen to pay a premium for the pleasure of being the first to taste Brookside’s honey, the first pot of honey was auctioned off. Proceeds from the auction were donated to the Youngcare – a charity fighting for freedom, dignity and choice for young people with high physical support needs to choose where they live, who they live with, and how they live their lives.

If you are keen to have a taste of this delicious honey. Pots are available for purchase from Brook News Nextra Newsagent in Brookside Shopping Centre.

The Brookside beehives are part of a broader sustainability strategy for Retail First, who manage a portfolio of 20 shopping centres in South East Queensland.

Brookside Shopping Centre is jointly owned by YFG Shopping Centres Pty Ltd and Trondage United Pty Ltd, and is managed by Retail First Pty Ltd.

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