Building Positive Support Around Those Affected By Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction are challenges families and the wider community have difficulty understanding. 

People subsumed by these dependencies face negative social judgement. Shame, humiliation and isolation haunt, not only the addicted, but also their families and friends. Blame is sometimes heaped on parents when what they need is help and support for their family and the family member who is addicted. Faced with the perceived stigma and the lack of community conversation around addiction, many families feel reluctant to reach out or are at a loss as to who to turn to for help and support. To try to make our community aware of the truths behind addiction, and the support services available for the addicted and their families, Samford Health And Wellbeing Support (an initiative of Samford Lions) is holding a free information evening on 15th June  at the CWA Hall Samford.

There will be a wide range of speakers at this event who include:

Gai Lemon from Primary Health Network (PHN) North Brisbane. PHN runs programs and has networks dealing with alcohol and drug support, mental health and suicide prevention. 

Chrissie Kelly of Family Drug Support who runs programs to help families and friends of the addicted.

North Brisbane District Vulnerable Persons And Domestic Violence Unit of Queensland Police, which gives domestic, family violence and vulnerable persons support as well as educating fellow police officers,.

Chemmart Samford which gives information on prescribed drugs and help to those who need it.

Beyond Blue which provides Mental Health support and information.

Margie Riley and Kevin Doyle who will share their lived experience as parents trying to help their addicted children.

Thank you to the event sponsor, Cliff Holden from the Long Yard Larder Café Samford for supporting this event.

For tickets and to register, visit

Further information can be obtained by emailing, calling 0408 772103 or visit their website at or Facebook page 

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