Buying Back the Bush

As  the region continues to grow, it is incredibly important to protect our wildlife and existing green corridors. 

With this in mind, Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) has commenced acquiring strategic land parcels to conserve the region’s ecological communities and protect native habitat and wildlife from future development.

After acquiring land in Clear Mountain and Caboolture, the third property purchased under the Land Buyback for Environmental Purpose has now been completed.  This latest purchase comprises of 13 hectares of land on Eatons Crossing Road at Eatons Hill. The land is key wildlife habitat, with the property containing two vegetation communities suitable for koalas and the site contributes to the extension of the green corridor of Four Mile Creek. This corridor facilitates the movement and dispersal of koalas and other species towards core habitat in the Eatons Hill and Warner areas. 

MBRC will now manage the site for the conservation of the vegetation communities and to maintain and enhance the connectivity of the Four Mile Creek Corridor for the protection of priority species into the future.

This parcel of land is strategically positioned within an existing green corridor and has many important plant species that can continue to grow and thrive. It is also nearby to the other parcel of land along Eatons Crossing Road that was the first purchase through the program. Rehabilitation works have begun on that site with 1200 plants recently planted. 

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