Can social connectedness improve mental wellbeing?

Contributed by Susanne Jones, Just Better Care Brisbane North and CBD

As we’re living longer and healthier lives, the link between social connections and mental health has never been more important.

Many older people living in Australia are reportedly living in better health than ever before, they are also living longer lives.

Part of leading a healthier, happier, and longer life means maintaining our social and mental health so by staying connected to the people and activities we enjoy can positively impact our overall health.

Staying connected to the people and activities we enjoy can positively impact our overall health, especially as we get older.

According to beyondblue, about 10-15 per cent of older people experience depression.

Maintaining your social health not only improves your mental wellbeing, but it can also be a protective factor against anxiety and depression (beyondblue, Connections Matter, 2018).

A regular lunch date with friends, volunteering for a local organisation, or taking up a new sport or hobby are just a few ways to get out and about.

Circumstances can sometimes prevent people from engaging in their regular activities, but there are ways to overcome this.

Sharing a cup of tea with someone in the comfort of your home can make all the difference, especially a regular catch up a few times a week.

Our staff can sit down with you to discuss the activities you’d like to get more involved in.

Looking for more opportunities? Here are some more ways we can provide social and lifestyle support:

Recreation and social engagement

Do you want to get more involved in activities in your local community? If there is an activity or event you would like to get involved in, our staff can work with you to make it happen. Our team is passionate about assisting our customers to participate in the activities they enjoy.

Companionship for social events

We always want you to feel supported to lead the life you want. Our companionship support services mean our Support Professionals can accompany you to attend social events and support you to engage with your family and friends at home or in your local community.

Travel planning

Whether you’re travelling locally, out of town or interstate, we can provide staffing support. Our local, national and global network means you can access quality care and support in many destinations.

Transport and mobility

If you just need help getting from A to B, we can help you arrange transport and mobility assistance. This might mean organising transport to medical appointments, weekly brunch with friends, family celebrations and special occasions, or local community meetings and events.

Call us on 07 3056 0777 to find out how Just Better Care Brisbane North and CBD can provide support at home and in the community, including personal care, respite support, and social and lifestyle support for older Australians, and people living with disability.

Do you or someone you know need support? The Beyond Blue Support Service provides support around anxiety and depression. Call 1300 229 636. If you or someone you know needs urgent medical attention, call 000.

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