Carinity turning around young lives

Counselling from Carinity allowed Makhala to turn her life when she was a teenager.

Do you believe everyone deserves to live their life to their full potential? Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to help others in your community?

Each year, Gaythorne-based not-for-profit Carinity supports hundreds of Queensland families and young people in need who are facing disadvantage.

This need might arise from domestic and family violence, relationship or financial stress, or the many challenges placed on us through the pandemic.

Carinity counselling services in Brisbane and around rural Queensland support youth experiencing or at risk of homelessness, people living with disability, and families and young people facing difficulty in their lives.

Carinity provides psychological therapy to help people through issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, bullying, self-harm and suicide, and trauma.

With mental health issues becoming more prevalent throughout society, Carinity cannot keep up with demand for its counselling services and wellness programs.

Carinity has launched the Family Support Appeal, to assist more people like Makhala.

Before she sought help from Carinity counsellors, Makhala was reclusive and battled suicidal thoughts.

“I was 14 and had been fighting at school. I wasn’t eating properly and was self-harming. A traumatic event in my life had caused me to become withdrawn and suicidal,” Makhala says.

Carinity’s counselling allowed Makhala to turn her life around by teaching her how to cope with challenges.

She is now a therapeutic care worker who helps young people with mental illness, and hopes to start an equine therapy program to assist people facing difficulty.

A Carinity counsellor says: “I love seeing the children and young people starting to gain confidence and develop their new skills.

“It’s great to see relationships restored and people thriving and realising their full potential and strengths. I am a big believer in hope.”

Please donate to the Carinity Family Support Appeal online at by phoning 3550 3737.

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