Cash in your containers for the Scouts

Local Scouts Sebastian Willis, Paige Willis and Tamsyn Rose from the Grovely-Mitchelton branch are seen showing off the new ‘Containers for Change’ bin

COVID-19 has not been kind to our local community organisations with the pandemic bringing key fundraising activities such as Bunnings and Anaconda Sausage Sizzles to a halt. For the Grovely-Mitchelton Scouts, this has been exactly the case.

The Grovely-Mitchelton Scouts utilise their fundraising revenue to support on-going costs of resources, such as hiking and camping equipment, water sports (canoe/ kayak) which allows the group to provide outdoor experiences for its youth members. However, with the cessation of their key fundraising activities, their revenue from fundraising this year is very low.

Nevertheless, our local Scouts are a persistent lot and they currently have an initiative up and running called the ‘Containers for Change Scheme’ that can benefit their organisation and raise much needed funds.

Under this scheme, the Scouts are asking the local community to drop off any 10c refundable ‘containers for change’ items (eligible items are shown in image) into the big red bin (pictured) that is located at their den at 170 Blaker Street, Keperra (accessed easily via Lesina Street). The money raised from ‘cashing in’ the containers will help boost the fundraising revenue for the group.

Most eligible containers have the 10c symbol on container for example aluminium drink cans, poppers, beer, spirit small bottles, flavoured milks, juice drinks, etc. However, no lids or straws are allowed and please do not place general rubbish in bins – including plastic bags!

So, for all those small numbers of containers for change that you would have otherwise popped in your general recycling bin, why not drop past Grovely-Mitchelton Scout den to their red bin and support this wonderful community organisation. If you have a large volume of containers, email Anna on to arrange a time to deposit quickly into bin. 

In addition, other Scouting groups are also taking part in this intitatives and red bins can also be found at the Enoggera Scout Group and the Wahminda Park Scout Group.

To find other scouting groups taking part in this intiiative visit

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